How Brexit is affecting our mental health

October 01 2019

There’s no way to escape hearing about Brexit. The current political situation is causing discomfort to those who hate uncertainty and suffer from stress. If only the mention of the word Brexit is sending your stress levels soaring, you are not alone. Anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks or stress have been some of the symptoms reported in relation to Brexit.
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How to plan effectively to avoid stress

January 24 2019

Certain everyday situations have the power to make us feel stressed. A massive traffic jam on the way to the airport, meeting deadlines at work or talking in public are good examples of common situations that can trigger our stress.
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6 tips to overcome the January blues

January 11 2019

The festive season is a time of fun, over-indulgence, and making memories with friends and family. It is not surprising then that January may feel like a bucket of cold water for some. After all, it is a bit of change, isn’t it? How are you supposed to not get stressed about having an echoing bank account? A much rounder waist?
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How therapy can make you feel less stressed

December 10 2018

You may have been stressed for a few days, weeks, or even months. You are starting to think that there’s nothing you can do to feel better. The good news is that there are proven techniques to help you cope with stress. If you think therapy can’t help you, keep reading – this article is for you.
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Stress triggers & how to control them

October 11 2018

Deadlines, piles of laundry, interviews, traumas, and teenagers - what do they all have in common? Stress.
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Which is more stressful; home life or work life?

October 11 2018

6 am, the alarm goes off as you roll out of bed. Shower, coffee, commute, work, and before you know it it’s 6 pm and you’re back home. Does the stress level rise when you walk out the front door in the morning, or when you walk back in later that day?
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Signs of stress

September 17 2018

Most of us don’t realise the effect stress can take on you. It can affect all aspects of life - emotions, behaviours, thinking ability, and physical health. It tends to slowly creep up on us, and you get so usedto dealing with it that you don’t realise the effectit is taking.
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How to deal with stress

August 11 2018

Are you constantly worried? Is it difficult for you to make decisions? Do you feel overwhelmed, irritable and anxious? Or maybe you are eating too much or too little? All these are some of the common symptoms of stress and if you are experiencing any of them you are not alone.
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