6 tips to overcome the January blues

stress / January 11 2019

The festive season is a time of fun, over-indulgence, and making memories with friends and family. It is not surprising then that January may feel like a bucket of cold water for some. After all, it is a bit of change, isn’t it? How are you supposed to not get stressed about having an echoing bank account? A much rounder waist?

December and its festivities are gone but that doesn’t mean your good mood has to go too. Read our tips to keep your stress away and your mood up high!

Make plans

Having something to look forward to is the best way to keep smiling. Whether this is a nice weekend with the kids, booking your next escape to the sun, getting yourself pampered at the local spa or indulging in a nice meal with your loved ones, making plans will make you feel good.

The plans don’t even need to be expensive or complicated. Simply invite your friends for a nice cuppa to have a good catch-up on things. They will probably appreciate the invitation and will be happy to get away from the ‘January–back–to–the–routine’ mood.


Use your time to make the space you love a bit better. Have you been putting off doing some decluttering in your wardrobe? Well, this is the time to do it! It may not sound that appealing but challenges like this one will help you feel better once you see the results.

Make space for those lovely clothes you got for Christmas and spend less time thinking and searching for what to wear in the mornings. This will help you avoid unnecessary irritation and starting the day off on the wrong foot.

Get out

We know it’s cold and dark out there but that doesn’t mean you just have to hibernate! Do things outside and enjoy the nice things of winter. Grab a scarf and a chunky coat and go for walks in the countryside. If you are still in the mood, you could even try going shopping and getting amazing deals on those wanted gifts that you didn’t get… Up to you! But remember that there’s more life beyond your living room.

Be active

Exercise, exercise, exercise! Getting regular exercise will help you feel better in yourself. Practising a sport regularly has been proved to be beneficial for your mood and it is a fantastic time of the year to start. Was ‘being healthier’ one of your New Year’s resolutions? There you go!

Try something new

Why not? New Year, New Life. Be brave and do something that scares you or challenges you in some way.

Maybe you are bored with your cooking and need some inspiration. A sushi cooking class could be great for that! Or maybe you would like to fly the skies and go paragliding? What about starting a new hobby? The choice is yours and we are sure you will feel much more satisfied with yourself when you can tell your friends how amazing that new thing you have been trying lately is!

Connect with others

We are social animals and need to connect with other human beings to feel good. Don’t forget that this January!

Make some room in your busy agenda to spend quality time with the people you appreciate most, and you will soon see how this helps with keeping your stress away and your mood at the right levels.


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