Effective techniques to reduce stress

blog / March 24 2020

Effective techniques to reduce stress

Are you too busy to get time to yourself? With work, family and friends it can become difficult to get a moment to sit back and relax.

In modern society, we have adapted to be fast-paced. It may feel that there is no time to take a break. But, it is always important to give ourselves the care and attention we give others.

There are techniques that can help you reduce stress and anxiety. These can be useful when you have days packed with busy schedules.  Keep on reading to find out how you can zap away stress.

Just take a deep breath

Take a minute to yourself and breathe. Why not take the time to do something you enjoy, alone? Constantly spending time with others can sometimes become overwhelming.

Even spending about 5 minutes a day to yourself, with no other distraction can help boost mood and relieve stress. This means no phones and putting away all distractions!

For example, something’s you can do are:


Taking the time to meditate can be useful for understanding how stress can affect your body. One benefit of meditation is that it allows you to become present and see situations from a different perspective.

  • Listen to some music

A study published  in The Journal of Positive Psychology, suggested that listening to upbeat music can increase overall happiness in just two weeks. An upbeat tempo song can improve your mood as well as increase your quality of life. More of a reason to listen to some cheesy music, right?


Exercising once a day can help elevate your mood and immediately impact how you feel for hours. This can include walking, swimming, running and hiking. Regardless of your fitness level, just engaging in some form of activity can be a great way to clear your mind.

Why not find your favourite exercise and get going?

Bake or cook your favourite meal

Baking can be a great way to focus the mind away from your thoughts. It allows you to release your creative thoughts and can be therapeutic.

Additionally, baking or cooking can provide us a time where we can bake for friends and family. In the process,  its a fantastic way to let out our feelings and show we care.

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Taking the time to do something you enjoy can help you reflect on your day and clear your thoughts.  If you liked some of our ideas, why not share this article with your friends and family?

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