How to help people with anxiety

January 22 2020

We all suffer from anxiety at times. Being anxious is a normal reaction to stressful situations, but when these feelings get in our way, they should be a reason for concern. If you know someone who is currently going through a difficult time and is feeling anxious, you may be able to help them. Being there when your loved ones are too overwhelmed to think straight is important, but not always helpful. We are giving you some easy tips to guide you when helping anxious people.
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Reach your full potential with these 6 steps

January 16 2020

If only life was like the movies, and everything falls into place just in the nick of time. As we all know, that’s not how it works! Life throws you challenges left, right and centre, and that’s the beauty of it! Overcoming obstacles and pushing yourself brings out the best in you.
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How to get the perfect 8 hour sleep

December 17 2019

Every single one of us at one point or another has experienced struggles when falling asleep. To avoid being in bed and not able to sleep, we have listed you the best tips and tricks that you can now apply to ensure that you have the best eight-hour sleep every night to allow you to be the best self-everyday of your life.
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How to eat healthy whilst at work

November 12 2019

Working and eating healthy can be made easy. working 9-5 doesn’t have to mean you compromise your healthy eating habits. There are many opportunities available to eat healthy.
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5 key tips for feeling confident

October 24 2019

  Feeling confident is easier said than done and has a huge impact on how we feel. Our confidence also has an impact on how we come across to people daily.
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How Brexit is affecting our mental health

October 01 2019

There’s no way to escape hearing about Brexit. The current political situation is causing discomfort to those who hate uncertainty and suffer from stress. If only the mention of the word Brexit is sending your stress levels soaring, you are not alone. Anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks or stress have been some of the symptoms reported in relation to Brexit.
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Where to go for a budget holiday and not stress about it?

August 05 2019

As much as we love a holiday it can bring a lot of stress with it. There are concerns about money, travel, where do you go, and what do I pack. With the right kind of preparation and planning,you may be able to have a stress-free holiday the whole way.
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Is your appearance affecting your mental health?

May 29 2019

We tend to think that suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or other conditions like anorexia can have a negative impact on our appearance and the way our bodies function. Even though this is true, we sometimes forget that our mental health can also be affected by the way we see ourselves. Do you know why you feel fat or ugly at times? Have you identified the triggers that are causing these feelings? We tell you all about this and how to stop these feelings from having a negative impact on your life.
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5 tips to feel more positive

March 01 2019

In a life where there are many up and downs for each and every one of us, it sometimes can be very difficult to always think and be positive. There are many situations, at different times in our lives where negativity can get the better of us. Most of us have the capability to end negative thinking easily, however, some of us struggle with this – perhaps the issue is more severe or it’s a build-up of emotions.
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How to plan effectively to avoid stress

January 24 2019

Certain everyday situations have the power to make us feel stressed. A massive traffic jam on the way to the airport, meeting deadlines at work or talking in public are good examples of common situations that can trigger our stress.
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6 tips to overcome the January blues

January 11 2019

The festive season is a time of fun, over-indulgence, and making memories with friends and family. It is not surprising then that January may feel like a bucket of cold water for some. After all, it is a bit of change, isn’t it? How are you supposed to not get stressed about having an echoing bank account? A much rounder waist?
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