Best Food For Stress Relief

February 10 2021

There are many lifestyle changes you can make to manage everyday stress. Exercising, meditating, reading books, and getting enough sleep are some of the most advised and effective methods.
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Cancer and it's Impact on Mental Health

February 03 2021

The World Cancer Day takes place every year on the 4th of February. It’s a day where people unite and take action against cancer. This global event aims to save millions of preventable deaths by raising awareness about cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and the latest research.
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Positive Self-talk: Why it's important

January 27 2021

Self-talk is a mix of conscious and unconscious thoughts we have about ourselves and things happening around us. These thoughts are ways for us to communicate with our inner selves, and they influence the way to feel and carry ourselves.
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6 Self-Care Resolutions To Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

January 15 2021

New Year, New Me!
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Fighting off the Winter Blues- Our top 5 tips

December 27 2020

The cold temperature, little to no sunlight, and dark, short, and gloomy days can only mean one thing- winter is here!
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8 tips to help you get through Christmas this year

December 14 2020

It’s December and Christmas is just a couple of weeks away.
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Benefits of being a patient person and how to become one

November 24 2020

Patience is a virtue, a very famous expression but often overlooked.
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8 Simple Self-Care Practices

October 23 2020

We all know that self-care is crucial when it comes to living a healthy and happy life. Yet, we often put a lot of effort and energy into our work, studies, and relationships, forgetting to look after our mental and physical well being. As a result, we become overworked and burnt out, and eventually, we get to the stage where we are unmotivated or just too tired.
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The Positive Side of Starting Over

September 23 2020

Starting over is never an easy thing. Whether it's your career, relationships, or other things in life, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in situations where our only option is to accept our downfalls and start over again.
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Pushing through mental barriers when exercising

July 30 2020

Do you enjoy exercising? Or do you find it a challenge? If you have ever exercised even the slightest, you will understand how hard it can be. You may have to push yourself to last the first 15 minutes, but this is normal!
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How to help people with anxiety

July 03 2020

We all suffer from anxiety at times. Being anxious is a normal reaction to stressful situations, but when these feelings get in our way, they should be a reason for concern. If you know someone who is currently going through a difficult time and is feeling anxious, you may be able to help them. Being there when your loved ones are too overwhelmed to think straight is important, but not always helpful. We are giving you some easy tips to guide you when helping anxious people.
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