Is Online Therapy Right For You?

mental health / online therapy / therapy / online counselling / March 17 2021

The recent Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing rules, and lockdowns have certainly had a significant impact on our mental health.

According to the study performed by the Mental Health Organisation, over 53% of adults in the UK have felt anxious or worried, and one in five are feeling hopeless and frustrated. With so many struggling with various mental health problems, it comes as no surprise that online therapies are now high in demand.

But what is online therapy, and is it right for you? Let's explore this further.

What is Online Therapy/Counselling?

Online therapy, also known as teletherapy or e-counselling involves receiving mental health support and treatment over the internet. The sessions can be accessed via computers, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, and can happen through video chats, messaging, text messages, email, phone calls, and even real-time chats.

Online vs Traditional Face to Face Therapy

Prior to Covid-19, people were reluctant to use virtual therapy sessions; however, now as health care providers are making remote programmes more and more accessible, the demand for remote therapy is rising.

But why online therapy and not face-to-face, and which one is better?

Many are hesitant to try online therapy as they have concerns that therapists or counsellors won't be able to read your facial expressions and body language. However, with easy accessibility to online video platforms such as zoom and skype, this is no longer the case.

Additionally, with current social distancing restrictions, online therapy is a safe, convenient, and in most cases, a more effective alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy. However, for those who still have doubts and questions about online therapy's effectiveness, we have listed four benefits of online therapy below!

Benefits of Online therapy:

1. Convenient and Affordable

Online therapies are affordable and readily available. There are no long waiting lists, and quite often, you can book your session to fit around your daily schedule. Similarly, these sessions are completely confidential; no one apart from you and the therapists will be able to access the designated chat room.

Mynurva offers appointments mornings, afternoons, and evenings, and you can talk to our therapists through any devices, including laptops, phones, and tablets. To learn more about the kind of services we offer, visit our service page here!

2. Good Options in Remote Areas

Online therapy may be the ideal solution for individuals who live in rural areas with none or limited access to mental health practices and treatments.

Long drives or commutes to different hospitals and practices can be quite tiring, and if you are travelling a long distance, this can take a lot of your time and money. If you are equipped with reliable internet, online therapy can be relatively easy to access to those who live in areas with restricted access to mental health support.

3. Accessibility and Comfortability

Online therapy provides accessibility to individuals who cannot attend face-to-face therapy for various reasons, including severe lockdown rules, physical disability, and illnesses.

Another great benefit of online therapy is that you can receive treatments in the comfort of your own home or place of choosing. Being in a familiar space surrounded by your pets and personal belongings can help you feel more at ease during therapy sessions.

4. Comprehensive selection of therapists to choose from

With mental health treatments, you must choose the right therapist for your specific needs. Having online therapy as an option means that you have a wide range of therapists and mental health support providers to choose from.

At Mynurva, our UK qualified therapists are available mornings, afternoons, and evenings to provide you with 100% confidential online counselling. Find out more here!

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