How to set a goal and achieve it

blog / February 21 2020

If there is a goal you need or want to achieve, it may be useful to decide what exactly you are trying to strive towards. This could range from anything between work tasks or fitness goals.

While you are deciding what goal you want to achieve, it is important to ensure that the goal you are aiming for is one that you are passionate about. Do not do something that you are not 100% committed to, as this may make your journey harder, and perhaps unachievable.

Set yourself smaller goals at first

The goal you are attempting to reach maybe one with many steps; as an example, becoming more positive. You will not be able to change negativity in a day, it will require small goals at first to eventually achieve the final goal, write these down to have a clear outline of the first few stages you are taking. This will not only make the process easier, but it will also give you small successes along the way, enabling you to stick to the final goal more easily.

Write down your goals

This may not help everyone, however, most of us will find it easier when they write their thoughts out. This allows you to think more clearly and visualize your goals on paper. Write your goals down and make notes explaining what you are hoping to achieve, how you will be approaching this and what will ensure consistency. It also helps to formulate your goals in a positive manner – rather than saying ‘be more positive’ start with ‘Day one: smile more’, this will make your goals more achievable and enjoyable.

Tell your friend or colleague

Telling one of your friends, partner or colleagues could give you a steady support system throughout your journey. It allows you to share your up and downs and gives you someone to tell you to keep going; this may be helpful when you are struggling to stay on track.

Re-evaluating your goals

Some of us do sometimes struggle to achieve goals without interruption, whether this may be due to lack of focus, disruption from everyday life or because the goal may have changed. It is vital to re-assess whether the goals you have set yourself are still achievable or whether they need some changing. This will allow you to stick to goals which are reachable, while not putting yourself under too much pressure, or risking the discontinuation of the progression.

At last, if you have finally reached your goal make sure you treat yourself and celebrate your achievement. What you can take from the completed achievement, is that next time you have a new goal to achieve you are able to assess what went right and what went wrong throughout your journey.

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