Reasons to see an online therapist

blog / March 12 2020

With waiting times of weeks and months on end for counselling through your GP, the desire for online therapy has rapidly increased.

Are you unsure whether you would benefit from this service and not sure whether to pursue it? We at Mynurva give you all the reasons why it can be of great advantage of using online therapy services.


Whether you are at home, at work or out on a walk you are able to access your therapist wherever you are. A lot of us do not have the time to take out an hour or two each week to see a therapist during the day, this may be due to having a family, a high-demand job or being unable to travel to where you need to.

Mynurva gives you the opportunity to access health professional of your choice anywhere that is convenient for you, it allows you to have a session in your lunch hour, after work or later at night to ensure that you have the time and peace you need to get the most out of your counselling session.

Choose the right person for you from a great range of qualified mental health specialists.

Having the luxury of choosing the therapist you want to work with and feeling comfortable in their presence is not an option you normally would have if you’re referred by your GP. If you went the traditional route, you may find yourself waiting even longer if you are unhappy with your original therapist.

Furthermore, many psychotherapists tend to specialise in a certain area, if you feel as though you have two different concerns you can talk to two different specialists at your convenience.


There is plenty of us who would like to keep certain business to ourselves, in particular, mental health issues. When pursuing a counselling session locally, you can run the risk of friends and family finding out. Plus if you go to your local GP, it will be included in your medical history that you have requested therapy for a mental health issue, this could jeopardise future career opportunities. As this service is run online and under 100% confidentiality, you can have counselling at your own discretion.

Value for money

When going to a local counsellor, you can run the risk of not receiving full value for your money. You may not get the opportunity to have a full hour where you and your therapist can discuss your emotional issues in detail due to overlapping of appointments.

Cancellations and inaccessibility can also lead to you paying for irregular sessions, not providing you with the full potential a therapy session should entail. Due to the easy access, and video sessions on Mynurva you can ensure that not only you have a full hour of therapy but also the ability to have as many sessions wherever is best for you.

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