How to eat healthy whilst at work

November 12 2019

Working and eating healthy can be made easy. working 9-5 doesn’t have to mean you compromise your healthy eating habits. There are many opportunities available to eat healthy.

Although, the busy city life can lead to you making poor eating habits, there should be no excuse, right? There are many ways in which you can still watch your waist line during work hours.

Cooking and picking up quality and healthy lunches will increase productivity and leave you feeling energised throughout your working day. Keep reading to find out what mynurva recommends.

Meal deals

Meal deals can be a cost-effective way to watch your wallet and waist line. Meal deals offer a variety of options.

For example:

· Protein bars

· Fruit

· Nuts

· Salads

There are options to add a fruit, water and salad in many meal deals. It is up to you to make the healthy decision.

When looking what to eat, think about what will value your body? There is no benefit in waiting calories! Eating poor food will leave you feeling sluggish and craving bad food even after you finish work. So, is it really worth it?

Desk snacks

Whilst working, the best choice can be to have healthy snacks. Sitting down for long hours and combining this with picking at the wrong foods could result in unnecessary weight gain.

Why not have an option of healthy snacks? For example:

· Fruit – raisins, grapes, strawberries, apples

· Nuts – Salted and roasted nuts (Can be bought in meal deals)

· Flavoured water and tea - Better than drinking fizzy drinks

· High protein snacks- chicken chunks, yogurt, cheese cubes

Having options of high protein or high fibre food will allow you to feel full quicker and stop snacking for longer.

Meal prepping your lunch

No matter how busy your day gets, making your own meals will allow you to be in control of the decisions.

Time can be put aside during the weekend or week to bulk create meals. Once meals have been created in advance they can be added into plastic containers. This makes it more convenient to grab out the fridge when you are on the way to work. Once at work, containers can be heated or as you wish.

Meal prepping allows you to choose high quality food that you like well in advanced. This prevents you from spending money on your break and can also aid you in saving for more useful items.


Easy foods to meal prep?

· Salads – adding veg and a form of protein

· Sandwiches – can easily be made to suit your taste

· Fruit bowls – mix up banana, pineapple, berries with some yogurt (Great alternative to breakfast too)

· Chilli con carne – can be made in batches (or use some leftovers!)

Eating healthy at work does not need to be tough at all. It is all down to you and all in your control. It takes discipline and dedication to continue to make good choices. However, the choices you make at work will impact your decisions throughout the day.

If you are eating healthy at work, your productivity will also be impacted positively. So, why not begin to make small changes to your working day and fuel your body.

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