Fighting off the Winter Blues- Our top 5 tips

December 27 2020

The cold temperature, little to no sunlight, and dark, short, and gloomy days can only mean one thing- winter is here!
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Benefits of being a patient person and how to become one

November 24 2020

Patience is a virtue, a very famous expression but often overlooked.
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Is your appearance affecting your mental health?

May 29 2019

We tend to think that suffering from stress, anxiety, depression or other conditions like anorexia can have a negative impact on our appearance and the way our bodies function. Even though this is true, we sometimes forget that our mental health can also be affected by the way we see ourselves. Do you know why you feel fat or ugly at times? Have you identified the triggers that are causing these feelings? We tell you all about this and how to stop these feelings from having a negative impact on your life.
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