Kindness: the benefits and how to practise it

May 20 2020

Kindness is choosing to do something that helps others or yourself, motivated by genuine warm feelings. From giving up your seat on a bus to someone who may need it, or offering to make a coffee to your relative at home, studies show that helping others can also benefit our own mental health and wellbeing. People who are kind and compassionate experience less levels of stress and are, in general, happier.
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Coronavirus: How families can cope with self-isolating together

March 28 2020

Self-isolation is one of the key instructions to avoid getting coronavirus.
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Coronavirus: How to protect your mental health

March 27 2020

The constant news about Coronavirus can feel relentless. With restrictions on movement and self-isolation coming into place, this is taking its toll on people's mental health, particularly those already living with mental health conditions like anxiety. So how can we protect our mental health?
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