Feeling Down? Identify the signs of depression

October 30 2018

Depression is a topic of conversation many of us struggle to have. In particular, those who struggle with depression find it hard to talk about this with their friends and family.
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Budgeting to have more fun

July 27 2018

Budgeting has gotten a bad rep over the years. When you think of budgeting you probably think of limiting yourself in some way - skipping a night out with your mates, grabbing a Maccy D's instead of indulging at that exquisite restaurant you love, or having to fight the urge to buy that cute top you saw in the window on your way home from work.
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Need motivation? Take a read of our tips

June 22 2018

Keeping motivated can be straightforward. Whether you have long-term or short-term goals to achieve, keeping focused is the key to a great outcome.
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Tips for stress-free London underground travelling

May 31 2018

Commuting is a huge part of life for many Londoners. Especially during early hours of the morning and after work.
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Peaceful places in London to visit!

May 21 2018

Everyone sometimes feels like they just need an hour or two to themselves, whether this comes from work-related stress or your personal life. It can be very beneficial to sit down with a book or a pair of headphones and just being able to breathe and think. This helps you to reflect on your day, a certain issue you may be conflicted with or it could simply boost your creativity and positivity.
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How to cope with stress

May 16 2018

How to cope with stress better
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The ultimate Desk Hacks for a great day in the office!

May 11 2018

You spend most of your life at your desk, so wasting your time on hating your desk seems pointless. Creating a fun and organised desk for yourself can give you a great sense of achievement and positivity, allowing your creativity to be boosted throughout your working day rather than feeling miserable about where you are.
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Where are the best running places in London?

May 08 2018

Whether you fancy a jog at lunchtime, on a Sunday afternoon, or just for your weeknight run, London is the perfect place to go for a scenic run. Whether you like running through a beautiful park, past the top sightseeing spots or in the quieter places of the city you will find it in London. Exercise has great advantages in keeping your mind and body positive, stress-free and healthy. So why not try one of the best running places in London, to let your mind wander.
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3 questions you need to ask yourself today!

April 27 2018

It can be of great advantage if you are someone that continuously reassess their life by asking questions about their current life situation.  If you are not one of those it is not too late! Asking yourself questions about your progress in life can transform the way you think and act in your private and business life. It enables you to be in control of the decisions you make in your present and past. There are three questions that you should keep asking yourself:
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Try taking a break for five minutes

April 16 2018

When was the last time you took a 5 minute break? For many, we may not even remember. But sometimes it is so important to just take a step back and focus on yourself.
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High Protein Breakfast you Must Try!

April 09 2018

If you have a busy schedule and short mornings, it may be hard to stick to a healthy and nutritious diet especially if you have no time to make yourself breakfast. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. These three delicious recipes will enable you to eat healthily every morning whether you are in rush or just enjoy protein-based breakfasts.
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