Pushing through mental barriers when exercising

July 30 2020

Do you enjoy exercising? Or do you find it a challenge? If you have ever exercised even the slightest, you will understand how hard it can be. You may have to push yourself to last the first 15 minutes, but this is normal!
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5 tips to feel more positive

June 26 2020

In a life where there are many up and downs for each and every one of us, it sometimes can be very difficult to always think and be positive. There are many situations, at different times in our lives where negativity can get the better of us. Most of us have the capability to end negative thinking easily, however, some of us struggle with this – perhaps the issue is more severe or it’s a build-up of emotions.
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Effective techniques to reduce stress

March 24 2020

Effective techniques to reduce stress
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Can’t sleep? Here’s how to break that cycle

March 18 2020

If you are looking to feel refreshed in the morning and get your sleep back on board, read more on how.
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Reasons to see an online therapist

March 12 2020

With waiting times of weeks and months on end for counselling through your GP, the desire for online therapy has rapidly increased. Are you unsure whether you would benefit from this service and not sure whether to pursue it? We at Mynurva give you all the reasons why it can be of great advantage of using online therapy services.
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How to set a goal and achieve it

February 21 2020

If there is a goal you need or want to achieve, it may be useful to decide what exactly you are trying to strive towards. This could range from anything between work tasks or fitness goals.
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Could chocolate be good for you?

February 06 2020

If your guilty pleasure is chocolate, you may not need to give it up just yet. Chocolate may not be as bad as you think according to recent research.
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Reach your full potential with these 6 steps

January 16 2020

If only life was like the movies, and everything falls into place just in the nick of time. As we all know, that’s not how it works! Life throws you challenges left, right and centre, and that’s the beauty of it! Overcoming obstacles and pushing yourself brings out the best in you.
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How to get the perfect 8 hour sleep

December 17 2019

Every single one of us at one point or another has experienced struggles when falling asleep. To avoid being in bed and not able to sleep, we have listed you the best tips and tricks that you can now apply to ensure that you have the best eight-hour sleep every night to allow you to be the best self-everyday of your life.
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5 key tips for feeling confident

October 24 2019

  Feeling confident is easier said than done and has a huge impact on how we feel. Our confidence also has an impact on how we come across to people daily.
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Tips to take care of your mental health

December 04 2018

In aid of World Mental Health Day (October 10th, 2018), we have put together a few tips to help inspire and encourage you be the best you. In a life where there are many up and downs for each one of us, it sometimes can be very difficult to always think and be positive. Mental health is important for everyone.
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